Culture night

So yesterday (Saturday) there was something called "Culture night" held in the city of Uppsala, like very year. it's the perfect night to wander the city and enjoy the massive energy and culture that the city's got to offer. Also the perfect night for teens and young adults (mostly) to roam the streets and down hard liquor and party all night long. ;) I meet a good old friend of mine...Rhianwen, cutie pie, and had some MAX's (fyi, where I work :D) and watched lindy hop. Cut the night short, went home and had a power nap before leaving for work late at midnight to serve hamburgers to party people. Today I've been in Stockholm meeting more good old friends. Pics to share later...

Thanks for reading.


Lois said…
this looks awesome!
Anonymous said…
how fun! i love your outfit :D
Anonymous said…
OMG u work at MAX? Sveriges bästa burgare... and even VARLDENS I would say hahaha :p
Kristel Knows said…
Yepp ;) I sure do. Yeah, Max should SO expand abroad, I think they are gonna open one in Norway soon.

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