First Vlog

My very first Video blog - Vlog. :)
Hope you enjoy.

To enter this surprise giveaway please leave a comment below on this post with your e-mail.
And in 7 days I will announce the lucky not 1...but 3 winners.
Expect something related to Sweden, gifted by me from Sweden. (*^_^*)
It will be a package of three items/pieces. Surprise, surprise!

Good luck and thanks for following!


Laura said…
Hi Jennifer, love your blog!!
Am excited about your first giveaway which i'm entering here.

Laura xxx xx
Stiletto Siren said…
Lovely video darling! Consider me entered!

Courtney said…
You are absolutely adorable!

And, Yay, giveaway! : )

Loving the Reflection
Marian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mode Plus said…
Oh what a sweet idea. I'm entering. Don't need to be shy, your vlog was really cute.
Wunderkindchen said…
Ohh, you had me at Swedish candy. I love it. So- here's me officially entering :)
Cosmic said…
You're folks, family, Jason and friends from far and wide got lucky having you in their lives(Thank-you for sharing a piece of you on the net:)You are truly beautiful inside and out(sweet-natured with a good heart:). Your surprise giveaway sounds like fun, count me in! x
So cute!
I'm in!
Unknown said…
You are sooooo cute!! Don't be nervous. I feel like I already know you l. Lol.
Gazel M. said…
I love your blog Jen!
Enter me. <3

gazelma @
Molly said…
Don't worry it was good!

Oh I bought that H&M butterfly wing dress because I saw you wearing it on your blog!
Anonymous said…
Very cute first vlog :) you should definetely post more. i love your style and your blog - keep going! <3
and swedish candy as a giveaway? awesome! count me in ;)
Gabi said…
You are so cute Jen! I'm always curious about how a friend/blogger I've never met voice sounds like...I know I know...I'm weird :P Enter me plz!
Morgaine said…
i wondered how you'd sound, suitably cute and lovely : )
you can tell you're nervous but there's no need to be, you're very videogenic!

Awe your shyness is so cute and endearing!
xladx said…
I love you :D


Christina said…
YAY for your first vlog!! I love how adorable you are!! :D hehehe Great giveaway! I think a Sweden goodie surprise is just awesome!

-Christina <3

Anonymous said…
You are so pretty. i LOVE your voice. it's sultry!

I'm entering the surprise giveaway!

Elizabeth and my email is
awh what a cute giveaway! ITS DIFFERENT!<3
you are gorgeouss!

my name is danielle, and my email is
Anonymous said…
Hi Jennifer! I have only been following your blog for a short while now, which I happened to find serendipitously through stumbleupon, but I am so glad and thankful for your thoughtful updates. They always make me happy :) Best of luck with your vlogs and keep up the fantastic writing!
pooh922 said…
I ♥ you and your blog and your first vlog was cute!!! Don't worry about being shy, I so shy it's not even funny lol.
Emma said…
Jennifer, nej! :P ska du använda har jag ju sagt! Då tjänar du pengar så fort någon kollar :D Fooki tjänar 30 000 i månaden bara på :O
Ska kolla på vlogen snart, Sebbe spelar spel så jag kommer inte höra något nu :(

Angående millenniumserien så har jag bara sett första. Jag är nog ensam i Sverige om att inte gilla den :P Hoppas USA gör den bättre med färre våldtäcktsscener.
Odeliaa said…
Love the Blog and your Pics :-)
stina honey said…
you are such a cutie!
Hello hello!
Nice to meet your voice ;-)
Elizabeth said…
You are adorable! I'd love to enter your give-away :) @
Weesha said…
I've always been curious about your accent so I loved the vlog :)
carly said…
I would love to enter. Great idea for the giveaway!
Anonymous said…
Lovely vlog post!

simplymayraaa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
simplymayraaa said…
yay for your first vlog post, and the surprise giveaway :) i want in ;)

Mayra Mejia
Giant Screamer said…
I'm EXCITED! I loooove all things Swedish (esp. your blog).
Anonymous said…
You're cute! And I've always loved that H&M top!
Ju said…
Hi, Jen!
Loved your video, you're soooooo cute!
I'd be thrilled to win Sweden-related stuff! I love your country, and I hope I can travel there someday!

Big hug from Brazil! :D

L said…
Awesome vlog! Will you do more? :D

just saw this! enter meeee!

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