Gottex with Crystal

Gottex - Ready To Wear - Spring Summer 2011 - New York

Never heard of the designer brand Gottex before, but found these pictures of Crystal walking their fashion show in New York at
Many beautiful pieces that makes me think of the beach and the luxury life of jetsetters, feels like something they would wear. :P I think Crystal looks great, nice to see that she got booked since all the pieces show off a lot of skin and body. Most important...yay for different bodies on the runway! I'm not saying she looks plus size, but she "has been" and I will always be a fan. She's done great things in the fashion industry and now she's struttin' it on the runway at fashion week as a (compared to other standard models) "plus size", I couldn't be more excited.
Hope this will open up more doors, to accepting all sizes in high fashion among current designers.

Every body is beautiful!


Teer Wayde said…
Yum! Love these!

I adore seeing her on the runway when you see the shape of other models she just has more appeal. I liked her bigger and I love her now. Either way she is a delight to look at on the runway.
Ohmanitslisa said…
Dear god, Crystal.
So beautiful.

Love it.
Anonymous said…
these are really nice. i love the 2nd batch!
Mode Junkie said…
i think i love crystal when she was still "plus sized". she looked healthier then. *honest opinion*

anyway, oh my, fall has just started and they´re showing summer clothes already. LOL

xoxo Mode Junkie
Maria said…
Yeah, I agree with the others - what happend with the plus size??

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