The last days



Just looking back a little on the last days I had in the US. Went for walks with Jason in the nice summer weather around the neighbourhood (Here in Sweden it's frikkin' ICE coold!!??) had pizza silces at our local pizza joint, love how the've decorated the outside. I will very much MISS the delicious PLAIN slices...the fresh and tasty tomato sauce and hot cheesy mozzarella, tapping the pizza grease off with a napkin and folding the slice when you eat it. Took a last trip this Saturday to Manhattan, got myself and my family "I love NY" t-shirts. I will really miss the city, I was really feeling at home. And just like the movie poster, me and Jason right now are really "Going the distance" I got to see that movie btw!! :) Jason's parents having the table set with a last dinner feast before my departure was so nice, god I love corn on the cob, grilled chicken and Mac n' cheese!!

I miss it all, every detail.
Thanks for reading and for all your sweet comments on my last post, you all really made me feel better and stronger. Love you all!


Unknown said…
:( Come back already!
I know you are happy to have the pictures and memories. :) That feast looks divine and you look gorgeous as always!
Cosmic said…
You may describe yourself as 'plus-sized', bit to me and others you look in proportion to your size; you look radiant, happy and heathy(You Glow:)!

The American feast looks finger lickin' good:)

Anonymous said…
i love those "i love NYC" shirts too and i really like that dress on you :)
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks sweethearts <3

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