Long skirt & long distance relationships

Skirt from H&M, Shirt from Ginatricot, Denim jacket from VILA, Boots from Skopunkten, Rings from a little bit of everywhere.

Oh my god I can not describe how much I miss my boyfriend. Anyone want to talk long distance relationships and how to deal with them DO message me, I'm all about it right now. Today having our internet down the whole day I was close to freaking out cause I wanted to get shit done with the visa application. Now I couldn't do that, cause I couldn't look up the information I wanted online. Grr! I can not believe it costs 455$ to apply for a fiancee visa. Can you believe that?! as well as 2800 Swedish kronor (about 390$) when I get called in for my interview at the US embassy as well as whatever fee they charge for medical exam. Jeez. May god be with me...so expensive. It didn't cost anything to apply for a Swedish residence permit. Why does America have to be so complicated sometimes, I just wanna be with my boyfriend!!
He's my best friend. We are finally video chatting over Skype, SO MUCH FUN! But I can't wait to actually BE with him.
May time fly by.


Unknown said…
Awe, I couldn't imagine being in a completely different country as my bf! My babe is in L.A. and I'm in Chicago...but not for long! On Monday I am relocating and thankfully I don't have the same expenses that you will accrue, but it's costly!

Skype definitely helps, but my bf has thee crappiest internet service *probably because he's stealing it from neighbors* smh so I haven't gotten a chance to Skype with him in MONTHS! :( I havent seen him since April. So I definitely look forward to those calls, texts and emails throughout the day.

*hugs* you can always email me!!

BTW, I think I'm loving your maxi skirt! :)
Anonymous said…
awww i feel for you. Althought i have a long distance relationship i cant imagin what its like not to see your bf for ages. I see mines every weekend and its hard enough not seeing him during the week. i live at one side of scotland and him the other side... nearly 3 hours away. We have spent so much oney traveling but its worth it every weekend. xx
Kristel Knows said…
I know, we got a huge ocean between us :P it's surreal really. I've gotten so used to being with him before when living with each other in Sweden. Complete change now, but i'm gonna keep staying strong. Just like you!! :) Wow, April that is a long time, I admire your relationship! That shows great love.
*hugs* Yep the calls, texts and emails really is what keeps you going :)
Thank you so much hun. knowing other couples go through long distance relationships and making it work gives me more hope. :) <3
Morgaine said…
hope time flies for you lovely, can't imagine being that far away from my best friend for that long never mind my man (not that i have one : D)

you look stunning. and if this is your garden that you're shooting in, it's awesome!
Anonymous said…
I have grown to believe that if you work out the long distance then you can work through anything. I know what you me about used to being together. every few months we manage to get a full 7 days together and you get that used to it its really hard when hes leaves. We got engaged nearly 2 months ago and since then its gotten harder when he leaves/i leave.

Keep up the hope hun and just keep remembering theres others out there going through the same thing and you can talk about it with them and also it makes it soo much better whne you do see them xx
Unknown said…
if anyone is interested, check out http://lovingfromadistance.com It's an AWESOME SITE! I googled LDR's one day and that came up! I was happy with some of the activities I found and I even bought me and my b-fran bracelets that say "love knows no distance" and we wear them everyday to be closer to each other.

There will be days when the time feels like it's standing still and then there will be times when it flies! Like this week! 2 more days & I can finally wrap my arms around him again! I haven't done that since April!! :D

Lots of people actually are going through it! I'm in a community on fb that encourages communication amongst each other!
Anonymous said…
long skirts are amazing and i can relate to your relationship obstacle. it's extremely hard but hopefully that time comes soon. why don't you live with him?
Cosmic said…
Absence makes the heart fonder, hopefully it won't be too long now before you are reunited with your beloved. Stay strong!

Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone for your support! <3 it means the world to me.

Nik, I'm so happy for you, can't imagine how nice and exciting it will be to see him again, April wow.
I might have to be away from Jay for that long too...about 5 months. Hopefully I can afford a week to the US. I'll have my fingers crossed. I will def. visit that site, thank you sweetheart!

Elizabeth. I'm a swedish citizen, so I need to apply for a visa to be able to live and work in the US, and it's a long process. Jay tried out Sweden, it was too hard, new culture and language etc. no work. So he's pursuing a career in HVAC back in Jersey now, back to school. We decided it was best for him to stay and go to school right away, I should I have been earlier with applying for my visa, sometimes I suck at getting things done. :P
I hear you on the long distance thing! I was 5,000 miles away from my husband for 4 years while I was going to college in London and he was in Texas. We ended up getting married 2 years after I moved so we had 2 years before and 2 after. It's hard, but time helps. The first 2 months were the worst, but once I got into my own routine it became much easier. We saw each other for 3 weeks every 3 to 4 months. I felt like I was always on an airplane, but we made sure we made time. Skype is amazing and it helped out a lot! I always looked at it like a 40s style wartime romance. The distance will most certainly make you realize how you feel about each other and once you make it through this, you can pretty much make it through anything!
Thoughts are with you!
Ashe Mischief just wrote a great post about long distance relationships! Here's the link:

audrey said…
I really love your outfit !

I'm a fan of the mix between the jean and the leopard :) !
Anonymous said…
Super big hugs and moral support for your long distance relationship. Things will work out and everything will be great again soon!!
Sabrina said…
wow immigrations fees went up! Girl, I used to work for a law firm that specialized in Immigration so if you need any help email me.

I had a LDR when I was younger and even then he wasn't so far, only one state away. I feel for you.

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