OOTD Surroundings

Jacket from ZARA, Scarf old one from INDISKA, White top from NELLY, Snake skin-ish leggings from THUNS, Shoes from CONVERSE, Wallet from GUESS, Rings from H&M, Gifted from friend, and USA.
Another day in Sweden, on the country side, this is where I've grown up. I've lived here basically all my life...I like it here, I feel safe, it's comfortable, Summers are the best here, I got my own outside entrance to my room which is awesome, privacy. All that's missing is J. I got my adorable cat, but he's always filled with ticks...so I'm afraid of petting and cuddling with him, I hate ticks, blood sucking disgusting creatures. Poor baby!! Gotta take em' off *shivers*
Went to the local store today and bought some essentials, instant coffe, diet coke, a bag of chips (cause I deserve it after working hard this week and I wanna watch a movie today before going to work again.) Chocolate chip cookies, and the latest issue of Swedish COSMO (came with the movie Notting Hill, gonna watch that one after this.) LOL. essentials.


Lois said…
sounds like a perfect movie day! im having one cause im sick. wahh!
Carla said…
awsome pictures!! Looks so pretty! I grew up in the german country side! So different from the states!
I love the outfit and I think converse are the most comfy shoes =)
Anonymous said…
Sweden is so beautiful. i love the houses there! i love your outfit too!
Weesha said…
I love the first picture, so calm and pretty. Your jacket is super cool btw I'm jealous of your weather, the summer here seems never ending :/

p.s those are pretty much my essentials too except I prefer Harpers Bazaar :)
OB said…
what great photos, I love them. You look so beautiful <3
Fashion Matters said…
nice place and outfit!

Unknown said…
Looking beautiful! You home looks so beautiful!
I love your jacket! Where in Sweden do you live?

<3 Anika
Swift as Desire said…
nice jacket! lovely blog:)
www.swiftasdesire.blogspot.com thats my blog;)
Anonymous said…
Cute, cute jacket. Love the surroundings. Reminds me of somewhere I'd like to live.
These pictures are so beautiful! Lovely :) xoxo

i really like your jacket!

Wunderkindchen said…
Sweden is such a beautiful country. Plus the people there just have a way better sense of style than here in Germany (as we can see from your outfit). I really hope I can study there next year.
Anonymous said…
your so nice and sweet in all the things u say in this blog! i like ur clothes:) u have greattt style! deff gunna copy some of ur amazingg looks!

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