Sthlm with friends

Jacket ZARA, Button down shirt GINATRICOT, White top NELLY, Black stockings, Shoes CONVERSE, scarf H&M.

So this Sunday on my day off work I hung out with Maria, my BFF. and Jill good old friend...both so beautiful! Love you guys! Day started off with spending the whole afternoon at the hospital cause poor Maria had sprained her wrist, she'd been out on adventures the night before. ;) we got that taken care of. After that we had a lovely dinner at her place, so good, so good that I will cook it myself at home.
I just love Maria's balcony, cause I wanna live across the yard on the other side where you see those other fancy balconies. Mmmm, dreamy. :P
Can't wait to go back to Stockholm, it's so beautiful, and I can't wait to hang out with my city chic's again ;)


Anonymous said…
You girls are too cool! i love the jumping shots :)
Unknown said…
I'm so easy to please. I love the jumping pictures! haha I promise, one day I'll show you all that I too can jump! :D

You look relaxed and comfy but still cute!
Bohemian said…
Cool pics, love the scarf!!
Maria said…
Baby looove, oh baby looove!
Thank u for following me to the hospitol. Guess that's what friends are for. I owe you one :)
Ser fram emot nästa middag!! Höstmiddag, då blir det efterätt också! Know you love that!
Cosmic said…
You're blessed for sure!
Ohmanitslisa said…
Girl you are adorable. Love love love.
you guys are so sweet! looks like a lot of fun :) love your hair, the scarf and the jacket. yuuuummmm! krya om dej eller hva man sier på svensk hahah klem
Cara said…
ahhh oh how I enjoy my time with my girlies too!!! looked very fun.

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