30 Days of me: Day 12

How you found out about Blogger and why you made one
I'm not quite sure, I started of by creating my very first blog on blogger years ago, I think I just google:ed for it. I had a blog where I'd post my illustrations on, still have it. http://jenniferscreativity.blogspot.com/
And since around that time, I didn't know of any other awesome Swedish blog pages, only blogg.se (Boo!) to start a blog at, I decided to use Blogger for my Jasiferlionsclub since I was already familiar with it. Blogger is very easy to use which fits me perfect cause it allows me to play around with the layout without any problem, and it's AWESOME! :) And you guys already know why I started this blog ;)
Thanks for reading.


Wunderkindchen said…
Your hair looks great. I like that the parts that were blonde before now have a nice reddish brown glow. Very fitting for the autumn/winter season :)
Anonymous said…
You look so pretty in these photos!
Alissa said…
You're such a beauty

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