30 Days of me: Day 2

The meaning behind your Blog name
Basically a name Jason came up with, putting our names together. And when chatting a lot on Msn messenger back in the days, I asked him to put something cute as his status, so he wrote "Jasifer lions club", on the top of his head. So it's just become our thing...so I named this blog "Jasifer lions club" since I wanted it to be a joined blog by me and Jason, writing letters to eachother when being apart. But he likes to keep things private so it didn't turn out that way, which is fine, cause now it's become this great thing and I'm really enjoying blogging and loving my readers and followers, thank you so much for reading and following. :)
So I found this collage on our private blog that I made for him way back in late 2008. Cute. Seeing this makes me miss him even more, this has "Jasifer" written all over it. :P


Cosmic said…
Anonymous said…
so cute! x
K said…
How did you and your boyfriend meet?! I love your blog and read it almost everyday!!

Kristel Knows said…
Thanks sweethearts, <3 me and J meet on an online text based mafia game in the forums, never did I imagine it going this far, Im so happy it did...he's the one for me :) It's amazing how you start of as strangers, and 2 1/2 years later you're best friends and in love. :D
OB said…
awe sweetness <33333
Anonymous said…
very cute idea :D

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