30 Days of me: Day 4

 A habit that you wish you didn’t have
That I eat CRAP, that I am addicted to Chips. An addiction I've been fighting against for many many years, it's sick what I've done in the passed for a bag of chips. I may exaggerate right now but...the habit of eating chips one time for often is habit that I wish I didn't have, that when I grocery shop I "need" to get a bag of chips. That needs to change. 
Also, I tend to over-size my plate. Me loves foods. (*^_^*) Food and snacks is not something I wanna exclude out of my life completely but something I wish I could control better. Right?
ps. I've been super busy working this week but I'm gonna try to get a video blog up tomorrow to announce the giveaway winners, GOOD LUCK! it's not too late to enter. ;)


dc said…
i could die for it!
Sarah Whitney said…
Lady, I'm not sure how you managed to make a face mask look good.. but you did. That's a very striking photo of you!
Anonymous said…
food is delicious! i can relate.and i love how bold you are for putting this cute picture of you up :D
Lois said…
honestly (i think chips are crisps in england) but i am mad for them. any type either and i think it sucks because they are so addictive. i feel you there.

seriously, the facemask photo you look like youre on americas next top model. you look amazing, your eyes!
Anonymous said…
i eat a lot of chips also! it's my favourite snack! Cheese&onion, jam, BBQ, it doesn't matter which taste, i like ALL! x
I am a sucker for Ben and Jerrys, and buns. <3
OB said…
this is going to sound weird but this picture is amazing!! natural beauty rules all!! and It's hard to break that habit but you can I've done it don't get me wrong I dip in it every so often but not as much as I use to!

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