30 Days of me: Day 5

A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Since I'm a "posting lots of pictures"-lover I couldn't restrict myself to posting only ONE picture of somwhere I've been to but several ones from this BEAUTIFUL place in Italy called Tellaro. 
Omg, I love this place, I so have to go back some day, or do a reunion with my backpacking buddies and travel Europe again. This cute little village beats all cute places I've ever been too, I love to travel and I feel very fortunate to have been able to, if you ever go to Italy be sure to go visit Italy's west coast and all the beautiful mountain-y villages around that area. You'll fall in love.


Anonymous said…
wow. you just made me fall in love too! that place is beautiful!
M I N G said…
I want to go to Italy so bad! & your pictures don't help.. hahaa
OB said…
simply lovely and what a great time, great pic darling!
Anonymous said…
this vacation and place look very ideal... i need to go!

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