30 Days of me: Day 8

Short term goals for this month and why
One HUGE goal is to get my visa application done, It's crazy that me and Jay has been away from each other for one and a half month already, that's a looong time and we haven't sent in the application yet, well. mostly because there's a fee of 455 USD and I haven't had the money until NOW...so...we gotta get the application started as soon as possible and get it sent in before this month is over. I MISS MY BOYFRIEND!! It's a huge step to want to live with Jay in the US, but I'm ready and I really want this! I'll come visit you in January baby. (oh god, such a long time left. *weep*)
Also, another goal is to send away the giveaway packages, hehe, which I'm gonna do as soon as possible, hopefully within a couple of days. (*^_^*)
 Mmm, Marabou chocolate. Yum!


Anonymous said…
hopefully it all gets accomplished soon! great shot :)
Anonymous said…
You have photoshoped yourself a lot in this pic! btw i love the your lips color. x
vc said…
Ah I hope you get to be with your BF soon! I can't imagine being so far away from mine. Good luck with your visa app! Love the picture btw, so sexy!!
Wunderkindchen said…
I love the Lip colour. I have been looking for one like that for a while now. And I loooove Marabou. Their chocolate is like heaven.
Franceta said…
*weep* indeed! I would be a wreck if away from my hubby that long! :( You look GORGEOUS btw , that photo is beautiful ;)
Maria said…
mmmmmm chooocolate.....mmm jennifeeeeerss liiippps. Mmm :)
hahaha J/k J/K puss!!!

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