30 Days of me: Day 9

Crystal Renn for Gaurdian UK 
Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Well, what can I say...I don't know. I'm proud over the fact that I can support myself, proud that I've managed to keep positive during this month and a half away from Jason. Proud that I've cut down on snacks, proud that I've giving some more thought into what I eat. Proud that I've started cooking more at home. There's many things, small things, that I'm sort of proud of, can't think of something major that I could highlight in depth in this post (well, besides managing to be away from Jason, but enough about missing my BF LOL!) Well, I am proud over myself, lets leave it at that (*^_^*)
What are you proud of?
Thanks for reading. *love*


Lois said…
im proud of you! i know how hard it is!
Ulrika said…
I´m also very proud of u sweetie, know it´s not easy! <3 Also proud of sticking it out at my job that I´m really miserable at, one more week to go..:) xxx
Unknown said…
Det är de små sakerna som kan göra skillnad, och som man självklart kan vara stolt över ;D
Anonymous said…
great post! there's always something to be proud of :D
daarola said…
I'm proud that since I'm back at home again i haven't put on weight! x

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