Big Crystal fan

Images by Skye Parrott
Styling by Aya Kanai

Just wanted to share these rather new images of Crystal, that I...LOVE! I'm such a big Crystal fan it's silly, I remember back in 2007 I was admiring her photos and amazing work and have followed here like a slave for the last couple of years. Did you guys know has ranked her 30th of their "Top 50 Models" Impressive work Crystal. Thoughts?


M I N G said…
I love Crystal Renn =] She is amazing.
Anonymous said…
She's very pretty! i love her floral dress!!!
Sarah Whitney said…
She's truly gorgeous. One of my faves as well!
Ulrika said…
Love the pic with the leather skirt, she´s so gorgeous, x
Kristel Knows said…
I know right (*^_^*) I love the floral dress too! me wantie.
Unknown said…
I think she's beautiful but I'm not a fan of her up the nose photo. Lol.

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