Darker tones

So yesterday I colored my hair darker brown/red-ish. I'm so happy with the results! During summer I guess I like my hair lighter but during fall and winter I like having my hair darker, towards the earthy tones. I just got really really tired of my bleached streaks. :P However, it's only temporary, so we'll see what I'll do with my hair next when the streaks start to come out again, I just really wanna have my natural hair color back so I'm gonna try my hardest not to permanent color my hair again and just tone.
So what do you guys think?
I know it's hard to see the red but better pics. will be uploaded later. ;)


Eva said…
That colour looks awesome on you!
My hair just naturally follows my wishes, during summer it gets almost blonde and now it's beggining to get more brown again haha :D
Gazel M. said…
Your hair looks great! :3
Emma said…
Anonymous said…
and i have to say that you look beautiful with darker hair color! i love it this color!

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