OOTD Quick Change

Was gonna wear a Khaki Maxi dress but as I took a few pictures I felt SO uncomfortable and it looked awful on me, maybe it was the styling? wrong jacket, wrong scarf etc. (I'm gonna have to wear it another day with some more thought) So I quickly ran inside and changed into this cute little dress from HM, bought on SALE this spring and never worn until today. And I got a couple of compliments for it later on, which was nice! I'm happy, cause I really bought it on impulse and never tried it on before I got it. OMG, crazy how you go shopping like that on SALE sometimes, only because it's "cheap" you get it, and never try it, forget about it, and it hangs there for several month before you decide to take it's virginity. lol. or maybe that's just me? :)


dc said…
Like it! The hole outfit is really my style!
Those colours suits you well!
Gazel M. said…
Nice outfit.
Don't worry it's me too sometimes. Now I go around looking at my clothing stash and wondering what I was thinking!
Sarah Whitney said…
Haha I do the same thing with sale items too ;)

You look beyond cute here btw!
J-Jones said…
You look amazing! I have the tendency to buy things on impulse when they are on sale, too...
Nah, it's not just you :) Every girl who loves fashion is prone to doing so.
But you made a great choice, it's a lovely dress and you got the styling right, as well.

Have a lovely tuesday!

Unknown said…
Snygg kombination :) Men det skulle vara kul att se hur den långa klänningen också.
Anonymous said…
i like this outfit. great styling choice!
Anonymous said…
i like this outfit a lot! the colors are great!

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