Rock it 3WAYS


Dress F21, Skirt Ginatricot, Tights Lindex, Shoes Converse, Jacket Vila, Bag mothers. Scarf Indiska.
Second day of the "Rock it 3WAYS" challenge, I wanted to dress down a little bit since the day was gonna be filled with running errands at the mall and taking a long (1 hour and 15 min.) walk with Therese. That walk as tough, but at the same time healthy. I can not explain how much I'm out of shape, I need to SHAPE UP! :) I have as a goal not to eat chips for a week and I'm on my last day tomorrow, success! And I'm gonna try to go for walks at least twice a week but of course treat myself one a week. God, I hate trying to loose weight, I love food and I hate working out...Help me. haha! :P


Gabi said…
I love it! I'm always trying to find way to mix up outfits.
I used to hate working out but I found that I have more energy through out the day when I do:) Good luck hun!
J-Jones said…
Honey, you are just unbelievably beautiful.
Cara said…
lovely dress and scarf :)......very pretty i hasve a fitness walking class at my school and lost 10 pounds and Im loving it plus we have zumba which I rarely make it to but im starting kick boxing I HATEEE working out I have found these alternatives that are quite fun good luck girly with yours :)

oh and be sure to chk out my blog as well Im not so new but feedback would be awesome ty
Danielle Barbe said…
looking beautiful, girl! love the scarf.

(doing an erin wasson ring giveaway on my blog for one more day. stop by if you're interested!)
Morgaine said…
love what you did with this!
Eva said…
Awesome, it doesn't even look like you'd be wearing the same dress! :)

Good luck with your "no-crisps-for-a-week" challenge. I'm totally out of shape, too, and my PE teacher wants me to run 2 km in 9 minutes. Crazy, right? Haha.

Love, Eva
neffbot said…
I love your style. I'm totally following your blog now!
Anonymous said…
very cute!

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