Rock it 3WAYS

Rocking it for the 3rd time yesterday, another wonderful day off work, spent some time with my brother at the mall, bought a Autumn Jacket which I love! (at Åhlensé) Army green, lots of great pockets, good cover, has a hoodie which is furry on the inside and can also be taken off, there's just so many "pros" with it I just had to get it! Even though it was a little bit out of my price range. Can't wait to show you guys. Also picked up my HM order...more then half of the items I got I'm sending back, but I'm keeping a couple of goodies, can't wait to show you guys that either! (*^_^*)
Stay tuned.


Naomi said…
Love this way one of my favs... Your bother is sooooo cute!!!!! :D
Mode Junkie said…
kudos to you on this rock it 3 ways project! i might have to consider this too as i am saving for something big. LOL

this has got to be my fave among all three outfits.

xoxo Mode Junkie
Anonymous said…
your brother is so cute and i love the way you rocked this outfit! too cute!!!
vc said…
I think this look is my fave of the 3. looks like great fall outfit!
Carla said…
Love the outfit! U look great
Niviarsiaq said…
love all three looks! each of them is really unique from the others but all definitely cute!

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