Scarf - HM, White shirt - Ginatricot, Black mini skirt - MQ, Lace leggings - HM, Boots - Skopunkten, Over size jacket - ELLOS.

Love my new scarf from HM, it's perfect, really soft, really long, really nice color, and really warm and cozy. And I just had to wear my beloved lace leggings before the season wont allow it anymore. As you can see, the leafs are falling hard and we're falling below almost 0 degrees during nights now, speaking of fall leaves, I'm gonna color (not permanent.) my hair red-ish/copper/mahogny-ISH. :D Super excited about that, do you guys think that color would look OK on me?
Take care!


Fredrika said…
Like your scarf!!
Eva said…
I'm glad to see a fashion blogger that actually has to wear all those layers of clothes. I'm so jealous of Californian bloggers, they can still wear mini dresses and sandals. :(

You're pretty as always! :)
Anonymous said…
This is lovely! The tights, the scarf, the hair and the tree! I love it all!
really great outfit Jen! <3 love the different textures, the fab scarf with the lacetights. smashing hon!
Anonymous said…
very cute! question Jen, around how much do you pay for the lace leggings?
Roxie said…
werk it girl, love the color of the scarf and the boots are rockin :)
I think having mahogany would be a great hair color for you! Now I'm going to search for a mustard colored scarf because yours looks too awesome.
dc said…
For the color... it would be super cute and it would had a touch of light. The outfit is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
gorgeous,WORDLESS, like, I mean, totally my style!
The lace, the simple white t-shirt with the black skirt and of course one of my favorite colour; mustard (I need this scraf, even if I already have one; different fabric but same color!)
Franceta said…
Mahogany would look FAB on you :D can't wait to see the result. And that yellow scarf is THE business, love the look :) *high five* to girls in cold countries! :P
Unknown said…
JÄttefin halsduk, matchar ju med löven :D
Dagen började jättefint här med massor sol, men nu är det nästan snöstorm här ute :O (Bor i Borås). Ska traska iväg till jobbet, men har ångest över vilka skor jag ska ha och hoppas helt enkelt att det inte finns något snöslask.

Tror du kommer passa superfint i din nya hårfärg :D
Unknown said…
...jag menar att jag ska till jobbet imorgon.hehe :)
Gazel M. said…
You look great! I want a mustard scarf now!
Rachele said…
I love your outfit! Very cute tights and scarf. I just posted a pic of myself in a similar scarf :)
Ulrika said…
Love the scarf, the whole outfit is great! And yes, I think mahogney would look amazing on you, go for it! kram
Kajsa said…
superfin färg på halsduken :)
L said…
Gorgeous outfit! Love your tights! :D

Stiletto Siren said…
Love those tights! Sassy!
Anonymous said…
Nothing says sexy like a pair of lace tights!Love your hair!
sapphire said…
the pumpkin colored scarf rocks!!! it makes you look super chic.

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