Sister Sushi Love

Baby sister sushi love
After work face
Someone doesn't know how to eat with chopsticks
Some pictures from yesterday when I had a cozy dinner with my baby sister. SUSHI! :D Who doesn't love sushi? I had a coupon too, two 10 piece meal for the price of one. High five! The only thing that sucks about eating sushi is that it's soo good, you don't want to empty that plate to have no more pieces of sushi left to eat. Right? Sucks (*^_^*)


Anonymous said…
i love sushi too! i could eat it all my life! great shots with the sis.
så gullig post!! you guys are both knockouts :) lovely with sistertime, I am spending some with mine today before she goes to Asia for 4 mnts. have a lovely weekend :) <3
ps, jeg kom på noe, kunne du lage en blogbutton for meg? eller fortelle meg hvordan? jeg kan betale i gavekort på hm feks :) eller i en kaffe når vi sees en eller annen gang :) takk for hjelpen, klem
Cosmic said…
Gotta say that those fabulous beauty genes are contagious in your family!


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