OOTD Gifted top.

Thank you Therese for this cute top, I'm really lovin' it. (the sleeves esp.) (*^_^*)
Wore it today with a black mini skirt from HM, Old gold earrings from HM (I think) Rings from Indiska and HM, Black stockings and kitten heels from HM in suede with studded details.
Also, R.I.P. my beloved Statue of Liberty cup. My favorite coffee cup bought on Liberty Island. *weep* Why?! WHY!? Why do I have to be sooo clumsy sometimes. Now I'm drinking coffee out of a over size pink daisy duck cup, it will work for now...but I need a new NY coffee cup. haha!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


Anonymous said…
very chic outfit!
EmelieCatrine said…
THANKS! ;) Bilder kommer på tröjan sen när jag har fixat lite grejer på den. Alltså, måste fråga en grej jag har undrat över. Är du svensk? Eller är du från USA? Tänkte eftersom du skriver på engelska? =)

Kram på dig tjejen!
Cosmic said…
oo, beautiful Jen(love that heavenly white blouse that was gifted to you, how blessed are you?!:)

Unknown said…
Your photos look amazing and so do you! :)
ooooo I love this look on you! one of my faves on you. hot! <3
Trees said…
Broken cup? Seems like a good reason to return to the big apple^^

You look awesome too!

Ontheqtrain said…
Love the top and shoes!
Anonymous said…
i'm sorry about the cup and i love your outfit!
Unknown said…
Jen you look amazing! what a beautiful blouse, can't wait to see what else you pair it with.
Unknown said…
love love love this outfit and your hair.. i'm sorry about your cup though .

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