welcome to my humble abode

Bought an "Expedit" shelf at IKEA the other day to display all my accessories, love it! :) (see above) they had it on special offer so it was a done deal about 25 USD, don't you just looove IKEA? :P Also bought two little glass bowls to put all my rings in, cost only a dollar each at the secondhand store, cute way to store them I thought. 
So a little look into what my rooms looks like and of my accessory stash, I didn't wanna show the other side of the room cause my bed is a mess. hehe. Sorry. 
Omg, I work like everyday I need to get at OOTD up. hopefully tomorrow cause then I'm off work, yippie! Take care lovelies.


Anonymous said…
love this post Jen! your room is so cute and 25 for the Ikea shelf? amazing deal!
Sarah Whitney said…
I love the way you organized your jewlery! Mine's pretty much sitting in a pile on my dresser. You've put me to shame! lol
Natalie Mulford said…
Ohh! Love it! You have a pretty collection of rings!
lovely post! I adore Ikea haha <3
vc said…
i am loving the shelf with all the shoes...looks fab!
Carla said…
I have the same ikea shelf!!! I looove Ikea!!
and OMG the shoes....great idea!! love it!!
thickandsassy said…
where did u get your tree stand for your jewelry? i LOVE ikea
Dee O. said…
It looks sooo pretty :) I love it! And I love your jewelry stand!

Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone! (*^_^*) the tree stand is also...of course...from IKEA lol :P it's great.

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