30 Days of me: Day 13

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
I don't like how you make me feel like I'm not good enough. Don't you see that I'm doing my very best at doing things right? and if I'm not doing a good enough job then why don't you just be honest and let me know so, enlighten me! There's nothing else that hurts more then things being said behind your back. I know it's hard to be honest, but we're adults now...we have to try. I am trying and being better at so everyday. That way we can grow and be better at what we do and better towards others. Be wiser, stronger, to be able to grow as a person is a blessing, I don't want to stay on the same level all my life...I want to learn, gain life experience, be effective, successful, and a 100% confident.
Why are you pointing out the obvious? I know I'm overweight. I'm not blind or stupid. This is who I am. Do I like my size? Good question, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It's an everyday challenge, to be positive and love yourself. I do most of the time, don't get me wrong, I think I'm beautiful. Why can't you just let it be and accept me for what I look like and let me deal with my own issues? I know you care about me and may love me, but what you're trying to do is not helping. I'm not a retard, I know what needs to be done, eat healthy and exercise. This might sound like excuses, but with how busy and stressed I feel every week it doesn't leave me much options, I'm tired. I hate gyms and I love food. 1 year ago I weigh just as much as I do today, I was just lighter in between, leave me alone. Talking about weight, food and exercise makes me feel really really BEYOND depressed, and it is at days like that, that I don't love myself cause you're pointing out....the obvious and believing that I'm stupid not knowing, which is just wrong. Can everyone just let it be.
...out there does make me feel good, don't leave me. I love you!


Eva said…
I feel you... -.-
There's someone in my life that keeps telling me that i'm overweight, although my doctor says my weight is perfectly fine...
I know they're wrong and probably just jealous, but hearing someone saying bad things about my body relly brings me down -.-
But I like myself and that keeps me happy :)
Unknown said…
Jag tror denna "someone" finns för ganska många. Jag har/haft folk runtomkring mig som påpekar saker, säger det på ett "fint" sätt och tycker synd om mig. Varför? Det är så frustrerande att folk inte kan acceptera en för vem man är stor som liten.
Du är verkligen en skitsnygg tjej, du lyser, och du ser hälsosam ut- för mig är det jättefint, och det borde det vara för dig också. Hugg ifrån på sådana personer som sårar dig, eller markera att du inte tolererar sådant snack. Alla tror dom äger sanningen och många är pekpinnar- strunta i dem. Eller sjunk till deras nivå, och anmärk på sådant dom kanske har komplex för, för att sedan säga "Hur känns det?".
Jag blir sur, för jag har haft för många personer runtomkring mig som tror att jag bokstavligen var en soptunna som kunde ta hur mycket skit som helst, men även den tippar över någon gång. Bättre att sätta ner foten för tidigt än sent, och slippa må dåligt över vad andra säger. Kramar
Maria said…
Oh baby, your words really touched my heart. Jag vet att du vet det redan men du är GRYMT ambitiös och jag beundrar din arbetsmoral. Hur du hanterar situationer. Och du är sjukt snygg i din vikt. Det är DU. And you rock it. And i love you.
Puss / BFF and ever
Anonymous said…
You are beautiful the way you are. don't change for anyone.

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