30 Days of me: Day 14

 A picture of you and your family
I'm proud over my mixed ethnicity, father from Sweden and mother from Philippines, and I also know my grandparents on my mothers side have Spanish and Chinese roots. (*^_^*) pikachu!
Ehm, :) I am to many a "copy" of my dad which is cool, but when I was younger I got kind mad over the comments cause I was like "I LOOK LIKE A MAN!?" Nah. Anyways, I'll miss my family a lot when I move to the US in the future. Also, I consider Jason and his family my family...cause, especially his mom, she's the sweetest person ever!


Anonymous said…
lovely photos Jen!
takai said…
du är så sjuukt sööt :o är så glad att jag har hittat till din blogg! :D <3 kommer definitivt att följa den; vi behöver flera plus size-brudar i bloggvärlden tycker jag! men du har sjukt fin kropp liksom :$ haha. kramkram!

du får gärna svara i min blogg :D

kommer att läsa din från och med nu :*
Anonymous said…
Oh Jen, these are so lovely!!
Franceta said…
Aw, your family is so adorable! You are a perfect combo of both your parents... And not to sound SUPER creepy, but your brother is pretty hot! LOL. :P

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