30 Days of me: Day 15

Another picture of yourself
Oh god, I feel like the worst person ever for not keeping up with my blog-roll, commenting, and the lack of posting, or good posts for that matter. I just can't keep up cause I got so much other things going on, life...my job most of all, it really beats me out. I get lazy, but I love blogging and keeping up with everybody's blogs as well, to be inspired and to hopefully inspire as well. Hope I'm not loosing you...stay with me. (*^_^*) Any tips on keeping the balance between your hobbies and work?


Anonymous said…
sometimes life goes to fast for us. i am sure you'll be back soon. i love this photo of you!
ryder said…
you look super hot
and pretty
Alissa said…
I so know what you mean. I work full time and pretty much blog full time. I try to do all my blogging at night when everyone is asleep. I keep a notebook of post ideas or outfit ideas and I try to get them together at night. THis way I can maintain my day job and look forward to blogging at night. That's my tip.It'll work out. I think you just have to figure out a schedule that works for you.
Deal with life Jennifer...we'll be here. I love your blog.
neffbot said…
One thing that I do to keep my blog/life balance is to not apologize for not posting more often. Chances are that my blog is only one of many, many blogs that people read in a feed reader, so they won't know that I haven't blogged in days, or a week, etc. if I don't bring it up. Plus, it's my blog, I don't have to apologize for not posting! Besides, if I take the time to put together good posts, with quality pictures, it's worth the wait, rather than just throwing a post up because I feel like I have to.

So that's my advice - enjoy your blog and don't worry/apologize for being busy and not posting!
Anonymous said…
We're not going anywhere, Jennifer! This picture of you is beautiful! Love the shirt!

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