30 Days of me: Day 19

Nicknames you have; why do you have them
JLO * JJ* Jenka/n * Jen * Jenni * 
With no particular reason these are my most common nicknames, mostly because they refer to my real name (Jennifer) and they are short and more efficient. Most of my nicknames are from High school, JLO (don't ask me why.) Jenka/Jenkan for example, but Jason almost always calls me Jen or Jenni...or baby, I almost always call him baby, which is now when i think about it, weird cause he's not actually my baby, why do we call our boyfriends/girlfriends baby anyway? haha. I just do it naturally, without thinking about it. My baby? weird. :P


Anonymous said…
cute, and i have to agree with the J-LO. you do resemble her!
Emma said…
Jag kallar Sebbe "bebis", hahaha! Jag har tagit det ett steg längre ;)

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