30 days of me: Day 21

A picture of something that makes you happy
Instead of a picture I'll cheat a little bit and post this hilarious and brilliant video clip of Barney Stinson singing "Stand by me" from How I meet your mother, it's made my day!! I've been cracking UP watching it on repeat a couple of times with my brother, laughing even more and more everytime. How I meet your mother is such an awesome show and the character of Barney is BRILLIANT! and Neil plays the roll so well.
For everyone that doesn't now the story for this particular clip, Barney's thinks he's about to meet his real father but when arriving at the fathers address it appears to be Barney's "black" brothers biological father instead, they have a tearful and happy reunion, however Barney slips into denial and believes it's his real father too. Real awkward. :P but hilarious as he tries to jump into their song together and connect.


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