Challenge accepted!

 Thanks LuLu's castle for tagging me on this challenge, sorry I haven't done this earlier, I've been really excited about it but have been busy working. *sigh* SO! here we go! (*^_^*)

Tv shows I watch:
How I met your mother
Criminal minds
Jersey shore - guilty pleasure
Americas next top model
I really don't watch that much TV at all, but these are the shows I watch on the computer. *Sneaky*

4 This I've done today:
Counting from after midnight today...
Worked night shift to 5:15 AM
Woke up to rush to a flee market in the morning at 9:40 AM
Attended a flee market and sold some of my old and un-used stuff.
Got home and took a 2 hour nap, to later on at 8 PM go to work again.

4 Things I can't wait for:
My next paycheck
To be with my boyfriend again
My HM order
The future

4 Things I wish for:
To find the ultimate winter jacket, I want to invest.
I ticket to Newark airport please
I bright and healthy future
A furry Burberry jacket. (omg! I would die!)

4 Things I hate:
Immature people
Green peas
The way I smell like burgers after work (gotta embrace it though)
The 10 KG i put on over the summer

I challenge:


Gazel M. said…
Ooh, challenged... challenge accepted! xo
I used to dread the smell of chocolate after working at a chocolatier, I know, crazy huh?
Franceta said…
Whattttt, Moi?! I accept LOL :) ♥
A furry Burberry jacket? I think I would die too! It would just be too fabulous.
Morgaine said…
challenege accepted : ) x
Unknown said…
Oh, vad kul att läsa :D När jag tänker på det skulle jag också behöva den ultimata vinterjackan, är så less på den jag köpte förra vintern- den är ju inte tillräckligt varm ;/
Unknown said…
Btw, sött foto :D
Maria said…
GREAT PICTURE OF YOU. Du borde ha den som FB bild :)
tänker på dig! varje dag!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for tagging me love. i also love Criminal Minds! cute photo :D
Teresa said…
Gosh...! What a busy day!


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