Cosmetic haul

The other day I just got this sudden urge to just go on a huge shopping spree, not that I really need any of these products right now but it's always good to stock up for when I run out.

....I wish. Ha-Ha! It's my friend Therese that's been on a huge shopping spree, she's stocking up for when she travels to Morocco to stay for a year. Am I jealous? Yes sir. :P


Stiletto Siren said…
Quite the haul and what an experience she will have! Call me jealous as well!
Anonymous said…
Great buys! and Morocco? how fun! your friend is lucky :)
Anonymous said…
I'm a make-up fiend these couple of weeks. I don't know what happened either. I used to be so in control. I'm one of those people who actually used to replace supplies only when they run out but I've just been buying variations of what I have - like I own possibly 7 different blushers and 5 different kinds of foundations now.

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