Details of my Friday


Just some photos of my humble abode. There's nothing better then a calm and easy night at home with some snacks, soda and a couple of episodes of How I meet your mother. :) taking it easy, regaining energy for your next shift of work. And some good reads like Swedish ELLE.


Christina said…
Awww your room is so pretty! :D And I love How I Met Your Mother! LOL XD

What a Fun friday! ;)
Natalie Mulford said…
I LOVE how you display your shoes!!
Anonymous said…
you have a lovely room! x
Unknown said…
I like your room. Very nice.
ShoeJunkie said…
I LOVE how you display the shoes!Great idea!
Your room looks really neat which is what I cannot say about my room state now!
Jan said…
Your room looks gorg,love the shoes... I'm also a huge how I met your mother fan.Barney is Legend wait for it... ary LOL
I agree with the other commenters, your room is great. I love the large art piece and the shoe shelf (with some life to it :-) ).
Elata said…
wow, I love your room! And HIMYM! BTW, what is that thing under your HP? A cooling pad?
Anonymous said…
Your room is ADORABLE! i love it :D

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