HM ss11

I'm really liking HM's collection for 2011. The colors and patterns most of all fall in my taste, already excited about getting my hands on a pair of those shoes top right and middle with the flaps, fierce! Also what I know many others like is that there's a wider range of pants in this collection, many classic looking flared pants, hm, as a plus size don't likey. 
They just don't fit me, finding the perfect pair of pants is a touchy subject, it's a project to find good fitting jeans/pants here in Sweden for a bigger girl that I've just stopped going on those projects (besides when I'm in the US but it's still hard then too.) so I've resigned to leggings, jeggings, treggings and tights. ME LOVE. Comfortable and fits well, I like skinny pants/jeans more then flared ones because I'm short, but maybe I'm wrong, I've read that it's supposed to look good on curvy girls, right?. I'll give it a try someday.


Gazel M. said…
Gah I love this. :b
I hate flared pants. It looks bad on me because I'm short (I have to wear petite lol. Even tho I'm 5'5" ...) and the fabric goes on the ground EVEN if I wear heels so lol.
Anonymous said…
how nice. i love the 2nd batch!

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