Madness I tell you!

What makes you different from everyone else
God, I dooon't know. You tell me.
 To be honest I can't say, it's hard, hard not to be main stream, to go with the flow. To be different, is that always a good thing? If I was "different" from everyone else would people still "get me" or would I not have any friends? haha! I am ME. Just me, Jennifer...
I love food, to dance, blog, snack, to light scented candles. I occasionally enjoy a glass of white wine at home while I surf the net. Ehm, I'm pretty sure that my FACE for sure is what makes me different from everyone else. HAHA. gotta love it, here on this one, towards the end when taking some pictures I decided to go overload with the accessories and to do my "crazy chines face." this has never been seen in public before, enjoy.


M I N G said…
No two finger prints are the same : ) I think we all have something unique about us!
Anonymous said…
I love this post! it's so real, and i love the photo!
Maria said…
HHahahhahahahhaha awesome
you are the best Jennifer I know :)

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