Paycheck gift

It's done, these 3 pair of shoes are now ordered and on its way to ME :D I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I just got my paycheck and I've been drooling over these shoes for the past couple of weeks.
3 pair of shoes for as little as 866 SEK, including shipping. Ka-tjing.
You like?
Also.....................I got my flight ticket now, 31th of December to the 16th of January I'll be in Jersey. I miss my boyfriend! I'm so happy I finally could get the flight ticket! :D


Natalie Mulford said…
I really like!! I think the first pair are my favourite!
Anonymous said…
I really like them! especially the green ones :D
Marian said…
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Marian said…
First ones are amazing! and it's a bargain that prince for three boots! x
Caroline said…
Where have you bought the gorgeous shoes? :)

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