Thank you so much Kaya (of for sending me this cute thank you postcard, how thoughtful. THANK YOU!! :D Love it. Also, you look great in that beanie, the color really suits you.
What else...been really doing nothing at home these past 2 days, working all weekend, graveyard shift, boo. So I'm really just sitting in, sleeping a lot, trying out my new lipsticks, this one's from Oriflame called "Power shine" color Raspberry sorbet. It goes on really soft and it tastes like raspberry as well, which is nice. Have a good night everyone and thanks for reading ;)


Anonymous said…
how cute! i love the photos of you!
takai said…
you are soo pretty <3
ive jsut started a plus size blog myself! :D check it out, if you want to, hihi.
Gazel M. said…
im gonna be sending you over a card tooo xo
watch out for it in the couple of weeks!
Ontheqtrain said…
Love the lip color on you :)
Kristel Knows said…
yay, thanks Gazel :D can't wait. that's so sweet.
Giant Screamer said…
You card the card! YAAAAAY!

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