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S/S '11 PliƩ ph. by Bob Wolfensen

This; ladies and gentlemen is my dream body. I've always been bigger, big boned you might say, if and whenever I loose some weight I will never get stick thin, and to be honest I like my curves, I just wanna get "FIT". Not flabby. Curvy and fit! (Back to my old weight before this summer.) And Tara Lynn has in my opinion a gorgeous curvy body. That or Crystal Renn in this picture on the beach. Oh or this one!!
A body shape I want to achieve through some dieting and everyday activity. I know there's a lot of unhealthy foods I crave that I can cut down on or not eat at all for that matter, I'll survive. It's not healthy. Still I do it...stupid me but...yeah...chips I hate you! :P
Anyway, is there anyone who's body you admire?


ZAG said…
You can do it!!! Good luck, I wish you the best on your journey. Stay motivated and stay positive!
Jan said…
Blow up this pic and post it on your bedroom wall... Motivation enough

PS U are beautiful already
Alisha Bright said…
dont worry girl.. you will get there and no matter what family and friends will always love you for you. and you look great already but you have a great motivation..!
Oh yes!! Tara Lynn is gorgeous and has an amazing body!! For me, it's FLUVIA!!! To me, she has the perfect curvy body. I LOVE IT!

Good luck with your body goals! xoxoxoxo
Anonymous said…
she has a nice body!
Unknown said…
Very nice to tyra, I need a body so kkkkk
Katrin said…
She really has a hot body and look so awesome and confident. I wish you all the best and all the motivation :D

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