30 Days of me: Day 25

What I would find in your bag
1. Work pants, just regular (Not stretchy) suit looking pants. For working at a Hamburger joint I feel kind of professional wearing black creased pants. 2. I don't like my cellphone, BORING! :P 3. However LOVE my wallet from Guess. 4. A make-up bag with some essentials like cover stick and mascara for "ugly face"-days at work. 5. Discount coupons from work. 6. Earmuffs from HM. 7. Hand sanitizer gel from Bath and Bodyworks. 8. Gotta carry pens. 9. Food discount coupon books. 10. For cold winters, gloves. 11. Ah! A receipt, I got Cat food, Falun sausage, Potatoes, Garlic, Cream and Ice Cream. 12. Body Splash, good for when you're smelling like burgers. 13. For my glasses. 14. Coffee coupon from McDonalds, great thing! 15. Asprin! 16. Fav Lip stain and glass from Sephora.

This is what you can find in my bag, it's very messy, random and stuffed, but...that's the way it is :) Bag is bought at the mall in Jersey Garden State Plaza, love at first sight. Let me know what you got in your bag that you can't leave the house without? I'm curious.


Anonymous said…
love your bag!!!
Natalie Mulford said…
I love getting a sneak peek of what's in peoples bags!
I hold great interest in the content of other people's bags and makeup bags and rooms and apartments! I pretty much need to carry everything out or else I feel insecure and a compulsion to buy things to replace what i've forgotten.

Let's see:
- wet wipes and tissue
- makeup bag including of concealer, liner, lip balm and stain, blotters and feminine products
- 2 phones
- pen
- passport (sometimes i go over to my neighbouring country for dinner)
- camera
- wallet and card holder
- aspirin
- iPod
- maybe a book
- sometimes card reader and hard disks.

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