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SDC18901Have you ever been to Brussels? If that's the case, what did u like the most about it?  
Yes I've been to Brussels once, I remember I liked everything a lot, I'd just left Amsterdam, so Brussels to me was a nice change, clean, very romantic looking city, nice caf├ęs, nice architecture, DELICIOUS WAFFLES! ;)

 What dress size are you? You have a lovely figure! X  
Thank you so much! <3 my sizes varies from brand and fabric. But I'm usually a size L-XL, EU 42/44 in tops, and bigger below when it comes to pants and jeans, around size EU 46/48.

 Where do you want to live in future?
That's a tough question, cause I'm not sure myself. I thought I was but what really matters in the future is that I have a good job, steady economy, my own house/apartment, a family and the love of my life. Wherever that will be doesn't matter :)

How would you describe your signature look?
Dress/Over-size top paired together with cute stockings or leggings, really...Comfortable & Chic! :)
Where in Sweden do you live and where do you shop plus size clothes other than Lindex´s, according to me supersmall section ?
I live in Uppsala, close to Stockholm. Even so I almost never shop "plus size", there' isn't many plus size retailers here in Sweden, besides like you say small sections at different clothing stores such as H&M, Lindex, Ellos etc. I hardly ever find something that I like, so I always shop at the straight size section, luckely many time they have my size, but it's not always they fit well. I mostly shop plus size when I'm in the US.

 What do you like about the "American" way of life?
From own experience, I love how people are so out going, the hosipitality, how there's always something that you can do if you're's never too late to go out and get something to eat for example, I love the food!

 I know this may be a little too personnal (and you don't have to answer) but how do you deal with your close love ones not liking your relationship with your boyfriend? You mentioned it a few posts ago. I have a mother that does not like my husband:/
I don't know how they feel today, but what you gotta do is just to remind them to respect your decision. Especially if you're family, you gotta try to set dislike aside and invite the other person it to get to know eachother better, that's often the case, our parents judge too fast and build up a set frame of what they think of the other person, and just decided that that person isn't the right one for you, but hey! YOU are the one that knows when it's right. Not our parents. I've been trying to ignore their feelings, cause it really affected my relationship, and I didn't want that...Don't let it get to you.

 What would your perfect day consist of?
Stay in bed all morning, cuddling with your loved one, get up and have a BIG cup coffee, later on to spend some time with your friends at the mall/city, shopping. Tacos at home for dinner watching a good movie with some wine. That would be great, I haven't had a day like that in a long time...

 How did you meet your bf? I too have a honey who lives halfway around the world (me-Canada, him-Paris)'s always interesting to hear love stories!
:) I meet my boyfriend online on a text base mafia game. There was a forum there, I was very active, he mailed me, it was all just harmless flirting at first, but we started to talk more and more, mailed turned into chats, not long after that we spoke on the phone every day. We got really close really fast. Then I went on a one month back packing trip and we didn't get to talk much at all, but he kept seending me love e-mails, and I sent him post cards from every city I visited, and when I got back home to Sweden we decided to meet, Jason came to Sweden to see me and be with me, left his job and everything. I'd love to hear your story too!! Mail me?

where do you get your clothes inspiration from?
All over the place, mostly other fellow fashion blogs that I follow, but also from a lot of magazines, ELLE, CHIC. etc.

Remember you can always formspring whenever you want, whenever you have a question I'll keep a widged on the side bar in the future, Thanks for reading!


This formspring is fun! I get to know a little bit more about you with every question.
Anonymous said…
how fun! i feel like i got to know you a little better and that lamp is so adorable! where did you get it?

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