Hallelujah moment

 Can't wait to go to the US. I haven't even packet yet, I'm starting to feel a little bit stressed, I leave in 3 days, and I work all those days, today I'm too tired, when I would have worked about 8 hours I stayed for another 2 and a half hour at work filling in, and damn...when I got home. OUT like a light! I didn't even have the energy to change clothes before I crashed the bed, lol, but now I'm up again, I needed that power nap. I was drooling all over the place. Ah, so nice :P jk.
I'm so excited that I'm leaving soon, can't wait to be with my boyfriend again, these 4 months have been quick but if feels weird to be away for that long, we keep in touch but there's not much to say, it's like...ehm, what did you do today....I worked, what about you...I went to school.....Ah....ok......boring. 
But now we can plan how we're gonna spent our time together when i get there, oh and i can not wait to have a Jr. Bacon burger at Wendy's, LOVE the value menu. And to shop at Forever21, Can I get a hallelujah moment!? Oh yes, hallelujah! oh and not to forget Bath and Body works.....do I need to say more? 
Thanks for reading.


JazmineKariss said…
Unknown said…
You are so cute! This is why I love you!! Enjoy ringing in the new year with your babe! That is pretty freakin awesome if you ask me! I can't wait to hear about everything you two do!
. said…
I just want to tell you how much i admire you for dealing with this long distance situation so well. I'm in a long distance relationship myself, but the distance between me and my bofriend is nothing compared to the distance you two have to deal with.I really like reading your blog, keep it up, i wish you the best of luck for you and your boyfriend :)

love, Joyce
Anonymous said…
Yay! you must be so excited. i would be too, just for the fact that I'll be closer to my boo, je je. enjoy your time with him :) and bundle up, it's super cold here!
Aw this is such a cute post. I agree with the person who admires you for what you're doing, long distance is very hard when you live in the same country but here you are on the other side of the world and you're making it work! xoxo

Bethamint said…
Have a wonderful trip! I did long distance with my boyfriend (now husband) for 6 years from UK to Canada so I've been in a similar situation. The running out of things to talk about is tricky, we used to play an online game called dofus together so we'd have something to talk about lol! Not that you need to do that any time soon because you're about to see him - yayyyyyy :D
M I N G said…
the things we take for granted! haha ;D
Anonymous said…
Please get the new sea salt fries at wendy's. They're the best fries ever!!! I wish I was going somewhere!
Happy New Year!!!
Alexandra said…
I work at Bath & Body Works... it gets addicting!!! I feel like I spend most of my paycheck on buying things there!!!

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