I'm Alive

Just wanted to make a quick post before I leave for work, been working for a couple of days now and everyday I tell myself to do an OOTD, but I never get up in time, I'm being so lazy, but at the same time I need my sleep, working night shift. What a dilemma. :P However I'm off work tomorrow so....We'll see. Hope you all are well today, not many days left til Christmas now, I'm so excited!! I got my HTC Wildfire phone yesterday, I LOVE IT!! It is the greatest phone on this planted, I strongly recommend, if you're looking to buy a new phone, check this one out my friend! And, I got this adorable baby seal from my friend, a early Christmas gift, love it. Baby harp seals are the cutest!!


Anonymous said…
you look adorable in the photo and the phone is really nice!
Eva said…
Oh, you're so pretty :D
Btw I think I have that same stuffed animal you're holding in the second pic! My dad brought it to me from Finland and it's the cutest, softest thing ever! :)
Natalie Mulford said…
You are super cute! I also love that your phone is red!

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