Knitted polo VILA, Belt HM, Leggings ELLOS, Earrings ALDO, Wedges Skopunkten.
I've been so lazy and slow today, I don't really like how the day your off from work becomes a "recovery" day basically, you get to regain the energy, sleep, rest your body etc. that you've missed out on. My back hurts, I think it's partly work and this stupid "basket chair" that doesn't have a back support. Gah, gotta lay down. :) Back to work tomorrow, no time to loose.
Also, SO HAPPY! I reached 300 followers, thank you so much for reading and following, I'm gonna start planing on a giveaway, stay tuned.


M I N G said…
so cuteee :) & ik how you feel.. my dad seems to not care.. always interupting my resting time.
Anonymous said…
love this look. very pretty!
Ulrika said…
This look is lovely, the colour of the polo really suits u! And congrats on reaching 300!
Trees said…
You look so fabulous - even more so than usual!

At the moment I work 6 days a week - so I know that feeling of your 1 day off being your recovery day. It's not a very nice feeling.

But having over 300 followers is SUCH great news!! I shall be keeping an eye out for your giveaway:D
Unknown said…
Oh, jag älskar ditt skärp! Så snygg outfit!
Anonymous said…
i love how well put together this style is! i love winter clothes :)

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