We love colors
Got my "We love colors" Plus size Nylon/Lycra tights in the mail the other day. I've gotten the pleasure to do a review for them which I'm really excited about, I've always wanted to do one, however since I woke up too late today when the sun was already going down for the day I didn't get the chance to take pictures outside, the flash doesn't really do the color of the tights justice, however, I'll post the pictures I took today inside anyway later and then a few more tomorrow being outside. So stay tuned...
I can already say that I love them!
Please visit their website at


Anonymous said…
very pretty color! i was actually looking into their website!
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to read your review!
i want to see how do you use them!!!

Anonymous said…
Love your blog...checked out "I love color". Thanks for the hard to find tights in plus size!!!

Kristel Knows said…
Thanks :) Happy that I could help! :D They have so much to choose between, totally worth a visit.

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