Noodlie poodlie McFoodlie.

The day before Christmas, omg, I can not wait. To spend some quality time with the family, even though we're pretty much spread out this year, I miss when the whole family used to be together on Christmas, I guess that is the only think to be honest that I feel SUCKS with my parents divorce, we're not spending Christmas together as a whole family. ANYWAYS, it's OK. My mom is gonna cook a lot a lot of food, can't wait to dig in to the buffet. Open Christmas presents, to see the look of excitement and joy on someones face as they open your gift to them. All the lights, out Christmas tree this year is gorgeous, decorated by me and my sister. We're very proud.

Got another delivery by H&M today, did some great finds on the SALE, like this knitted top above, it's the same as the one I had on before, the light pink/nude. I liked that one so much I had to get this one too. Only 99 SEK.
Merry Christmas everyone.


Gazel M. said…
my parents are divorced but my parents try to get along for one evening so we can all have a nice christmas dinner.

nice sweater.
Anonymous said…
i know it sucks not spending the holidays with your entire family and you look adorable in the sweater! it's adorable and i love the name of this post :)
xladx said…
I have that jumper!!! cute :D

Merry christmas xxxx
You rock jumpers, sweaters, anything bulky that I would generally skip but i have an excuse! My country is warm as hell. This knitted top has some lovely colours and I'm not beyond buying 2 same items if I like them that much!
Adrienne said…
This post made me hungry(er)!

Love the H&M looks you rock, we don't have one near us in our state (closest is 4 hours away), and they don't do online ordering in the US (waahhhh!!)

Ok enough whining, love your blog, and Merry Christmas!

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