OOTD -20°c

Jacket from Everest, Loop knitted scarf from Ica Maxi, White top from Ginatricot, Cardigan from HM L.o.g.g., Black pants from Torrid, Back by Marc Eckö, Wedges from Skopunkten.

 Have you ever had anyone make negative comments about your size or fashion sense? If so, how have you felt about it and handled that situation?
I've been lucky not to have anyone post negative comments on my blog, I'm very happy about that, cause I often take comments to heart even thought I know the negative ones are many times out to hurt you, I get a little bit affected by it. I have had someone comment on my choice of language/words, basically made a comment that made me look stupid, when what I was trying to say was not to offend anyone, Readers got to remember that English isn't my first language, Swedish is. :) What I did then was to take off the word choice on the post and delete that persons comment cause I felt it wasn't fair for that person to put words in my mouth.


Alissa said…
Those boots and cardigan are very cute. Nice snow day look.
Gazel M. said…
Yes, I had negative comments.
I defend myself, make THEM look like a stupid douche for posting the negative comment and carry on with my life.

You look COZY. ♥
Natalie Mulford said…
Is that the tempreture!? Sheeesh! I think the coldest I've even been in would have been -3 or 4! I can't even imagine that type of cold!! I've never seen snow either!
Anonymous said…
You look very cute and I've just brushed it off because people are always going to think & talk what they want, it's a matter of what you are comfortable in, and feel beautiful in!

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