OOTD 5 Days left

Cardigan from HM, Top from ELLOS, Mini skirt from MQ, Stockings from HM, Booties from HM, Earrings and ring from Lindex.

5 days left until I fly to go see Jason. I'll be entering the new year of 2011 with my boyfriend in Jersey, yay!
question from formspring.me
You are so beautiful! I love your eyes! Where are you from "ethnically"? Is your family all swedish, or are you mixed? :)
Thank you so much! That warms my heart, thank you!! I'm half Swedish and half Filipina. :)


Gazel M. said…
You look good. But aren't you cold? :P
I love the stockings. They are so cute!
Gaurav Verma said…
Nice pics...

Do visit my blog too: www.lucky-vagabond.blogspot.com
Kimberly said…
Amazing Cardigan!! Love it. Safe travels!
I'm excited for you too for being able to see your boyfriend real soon! I also think you have an amazing knack for posing! All I manage are awkward smiles!
Unknown said…
Beautiful! Who0t! I'll being ringing in the new year with my babe as well instead of talking back and forth on the phone all night! :D
Anonymous said…
beautiful! seriously, how much snow do you get there? i swear every photo of you has freshly fallen snow in it?! :)
Unknown said…
I love this outfit, with the perfect pop of color:-) Just fab!!!
Anonymous said…
i have to agree, you are VERY pretty and i love this outfit!
Adrienne said…
Just love this! Thanks for the inspiring blog :)


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