OOTD White skies

Jacket from Everest, Dress from Forever21, Stockings Mocha from We love colors, Wedges from Skopunkten.
Can it ever stop snowing, this is insane! I'm tired of shoveling snow, and to be honest I think this weather brings me down a little bit, It's hard to but together a nice outfit, and it only gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning/during the day. It gets dark already at 3pm. *sigh* I miss you sun! However, I'm really looking forward to.....CHRISTMAS!! Less then a week left now, and then one week after that I'm......GOING TO THE US! *happy face* I can not wait to see Jason! I miss him so much. It's been about 4 months now since we last saw eachother, that's the longest we've ever been apart. Crazy isn't it.
Anyways, hope you all have a lovely Sunday! 
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Thanks for reading


Fat Aus said…
I love you for wearing a short dress in that snow! Your jacket looks great with this outfit
Eva said…
Oh I feel you. It doesn't stop snowing here either :@ And it's not even officially winter yet til 21st. It's dark all the time... & I have like 6 exams the next week... ://
BUT HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST THERE :) 2011 is gonna be better haha.

I love the outfit!
Love from Slovenia.
xoxo eva
Gazel M. said…
Love this outfit. You stand out in that blanket of snow in a good way!
Morgaine said…
love this outfit, really well put together. it's hard to be crazy stylish when it's freezing! xx
Cute outfit lady! You look so pretty and i'm jealous of your USA trips! Hope you have a wonderful time with your boyfriend. xoxo

I would have never given Mocha a second look but you made it look new! Going to US means opening up even more opportunities to see Jason and shopping! Yipee to that!
Anonymous said…
hopefully I'll see you in the streets of NYC! lovely dress by the way :)
Unknown said…
I really like this look and the scenery to match the outfit;-)

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