This Christmas Day 1.

  I want to stock up on many over size cardigans this winter. Button down or not...they just have to big and warm, the sort of cardigan you can wrap arount you on the go and wear as a dress, since Im a huge "dress person" I'm gonna replace dresses with big cardigans every now and then since it's freezing here!! Anyways, LOVE these above, they are perfect, especially the HM one, give me! :)


M I N G said…
I love the cloak closet..
M I N G said…
*sweater, loll no closet
BrightEyes said…
I live in the wrong place :(
I love sweaters so much, but it seems we get an all year summer in Florida, Wahhh. Lol
On the bright side we have a cold front coming through this week (: Lol
Anonymous said…
The FRECO knit cardigan is adorable!
Jan said…
These look cute.
Jan εϊз
Anonymous said…
omg i stumbled upon your blog by accident!! i love it! i checked your older posts and found out that we are both half filipino, i live in manila now but ill be flying off to denmark next month to be with the man i love..cheesy lol.


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