This Christmas Day 7.

I wish for new fun leggings (and tights.) all of these above can be found at Leggings are my best "fashion friend". I don't like pants or jeans that much since it's harder for me to find comfortable ones, and ones that fit "amazing!" only leggings can give me that comfortable amazing fit, well; leggings , treggings and jeggings. haha. Love it! It's crazy how I find myself browsing the net for hours, I bet I'm not the only one ;), just basically "window shopping". I can look but not buy. Only about a week left until I get my paycheck. Can't wait, gotta go Christmas shopping. :)


D said…
Hi, I'm a new follower of yours and I have to say you have such a lovely style! And I *love* those Twist & Tango leggings, I don't think I'd ever take them off xD

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Anonymous said…
I love the houndstooth leggings, think ill have to see if I can get some!
Alexandra said…
I used to wear jeans a lot more often, and now I'm totally in leggings and dress mode. They really are just so much more comfortable and flattering when done correctly! That being said, however, I REALLY need to find a good pair of jeans so I have at least one that fits well. Haha.
I love leggins, it´s so confortable!!! i felt in love of the second ones!!!
Anonymous said…
the esprit leggings are really nice!
Maria said…
Dude! Seen this blog?
Made me think of you. Love you.
BBM said…
OoOoO pretty good! my fave is the 2nd one hands down!

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