Warm lights in the dark

Picture taken at my friends on the balcony over looking the apartment building and I just had to take a picture cause it is THIS that I LOVE about December, People start Christmas decorating, and I'm especially fond of the Christmas lights people hang out. I'm always amazed over how some Americans usually go over board (comparing to Sweden) on the house decorations and I LOVE IT! So cozy and beautiful. I hung out a multicolored light net over our tall bush tonight, it looks fabulous! Only one on the block Ah yeah!
Do you like Christmas decorating?


Anonymous said…
how pretty! i love lights, so Christmas decorating is always fun!!!
M I N G said…
I love the christmas season, spirit.. decorations : ) presents & smiles!!
dc said…
It's so pretty! I love christmas and I love christmas decorations! I always feel depressed after christmas when christmas decorations are removed.

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