We Love Colors Review

It's time, time for my very first review for We love colors, a hosiery company that offers a wide selection of colors and sizes for everyone. They contacted me and asked if I'd like to do a review for them and of course! I would love to! So I happily accepted. 

I chose to try the Plus size Nylon/Lycra tights, since I basically live in tights it was a done deal. They cost 15$ it's a bit pricey for my taste, but I believe just by feeling the tights before I tried them on that these are good quality ones and that they probably will last a long time,  I'm an expert on ripping tights so we'll see :D I'll keep you updated. (Converting dollars into Swedish Krona in my head) Now when I think about it this is probably the price you're gonna have to pay for a good long lasting pair of tights. They have so many colors to choose between, 51 colors to be exact, and I love colors so this was really hard but ultimately I decided on Mocha.
I would say that the colors doesn't really match to a 100%, the tights are more mocha--->going light purple. However it's nothing wrong with it, I still absolutely adore the color!!
The fit is heavenly amazing, I went according to the size chart, I' a size C/D, and I would say the size chart is accurate, they fit perfect. What I also really like about these plus size tights are that they are high waste, cause there's nothing worse then having to "pull up" your tights cause they are slipping down your hips when your moving, it is SO uncomfortable, but these tights doesn't! They go all the way up to under my bust. Personally think that's kick ass.

If you're a plus size girl out there desperately in need of a pair of comfortable and fun hosiery's I strongly recommend you to pay We love colors a visit.
I know how hard it can be some times to find ones with the perfect fit.

Also, Every month We love colors hold a contest called Curvy Girl of the Month, and the winner will receive 3 pairs of tights free! Be sure to check that out too if you're interested.

Thank you for reading, and hope you like the review. Love you all!


Anonymous said…
very cute post! i love the nylon thighs and you look adorable in the 1st photo.
Gazel M. said…
Love the post, you look cute! xx
Amanda Allison said…
Ah, such a pretty color for tights. They look great w/the black dress and you look super cute, as always!
Anonymous said…
Where did u find the size chart on the website? I know I'm maybe stupid or maybe I was just tired but couldn't find it yesterday :(
Adrienne said…
I love this post! Awesome tights, I will have to check these out. Thank you for writing such an inspiring blog :)

Fat Aus said…
love this post, i actually love your whole blog! i only just found it. you look great and the tights look amazing xx
Jordii said…
söt du är Jennifer :)
Anonymous said…
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