When the streets are empty

With not much to say I just wanted to share this photos of the other night, using night vision on my cam. it really captures these amazing ghost-y looking images.
So, I'm in the middle of my 8 days straight working marathon, 3 days done with...and 5 more to go, wish me luck ;) I'm already craving a day off. Gah! But eventually I'll get 2 weeks off work when I'll go to the US to be with my boyfriend. CAN'T WAIT!! New years in America HIGH FIVE!! Anyways, Hope you all have a lovely evening!


Unknown said…
love the outfit!!! LOVE the blog! Where is that jacket from???? Please tell me!!!!

I live in Jersey too! Have a happy Holiday...Tri-State area style!!!! :)

Unknown said…
o i figured it out!!! H & M!!! gotcha!
Anonymous said…
super cool photos. lovely outfit.
stina honey said…
may not comment on every post, but i love ALL your posts because i love your clothes and the way you wear them, and i love your photos!

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